at home pedicure blog imageSpas and salons have capitalized on our desire to have beautiful, soft feet. But with prices for a pedicure typically ranging from $25-$60, it can get quite expensive to keep up that appearance, especially with the weekly maintenance required.

Of course, part of the experience is having someone else pamper you, but if you’re mainly interested in just results, you can create the same quality pedicure at home for a fraction of the cost. And if you’re lucky, you can have someone at home take care of the pampering part.

So if you’ve ever wondered how they achieve such great results at the spa or salon, or just want to take a break and save some of your hard earned money for some other indulgences, we’re going to tell you how to achieve those same results and create your own at home pedicure. 

No matter what condition your feet are in, cracked heels, calluses, etc. you can have those beautiful feet you desire in about 30-45 minutes.

What You Will Need

First, you’re going to need some supplies. You can either purchase a complete home pedicure kit, or pick these items up from your local drug or retail store. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • Foot pumice pad

  • Foot scrub

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Foot Cream-preferably with shea butter and tea tree oil

  • Nail clippers

  • Dual sided nail file with buffer

  • Nail polish and clear base coat, if desired

 9 Steps To The Perfect At Home Pedicure

Step 1: Soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. If you have a portable foot bath, that will work great. If not, just soak in the bathtub or shower and you are ready to begin. The warm water will soften the skin on your feet and cuticles and allow for a simpler and more effective exfoliation.

Step 2: While your feet are still damp, apply the foot scrub to one foot and massage the product onto your foot. Give extra attention to calluses and rough or cracked heels. Repeat the process on your other foot and rinse both feet while removing the foot scrub.

Step 3: While your feet are still damp, take the pumice pad and dampen it with water. Then scrub the rough areas of the feet such as calluses and cracked heels. You should scrub for about 5 minutes per foot. You may need to rinse the pumice pad a few times during this process to wash off dead skin that has covered it and caused it to be smooth and not as effective. Be careful not to scrub for too long as you may over exfoliate the area and cause pain or irritation. Keep in mind that severe calluses or cracked heels will take multiple applications to eliminate. You may need to perform these steps 2-3 times per week until you achieve your desired results.

Step 4: Take the cuticle pusher and gently push your cuticles back for each of your toes. Use the sharp end of the cuticle pusher to gently remove any remaining cuticle debris from the nail bed.

Step 5: If needed, use the toenail clippers and trim your nails to the desired length and shape.

Step 6: Take the rough side of the nail file and gently file the ends of your nails to smooth and shape them.

Step 7: Take the smooth side of the nail file and buff the large nail area to eliminate any scratches that may have been caused by the filing and to smooth out any unevenness in the nail bed.

Step 8: Dry both feet and apply the foot cream liberally to each one until they are hydrated and soft. We recommend you wear socks if possible after applying the foot cream to help retain the moisture and prevent the foot cream from wearing off to quickly.

Step 9: Apply your favorite polish to each toe. Note: You will achieve ideal results if you apply a clear base coat first.

Keep in mind that severe cracked heels or calluses or feet that have been neglected, may need repeated applications of 2-3 times per week to achieve desired results. Once you have the beautiful feet you desire, once a week should be enough to maintain them.

In addition, if you have deep cracked heels or calluses that cause pain and/or bleed, you should consult a podiatrist before performing these steps.

So there you have it, a spa quality pedicure at home for a fraction of the cost. If you have a difficult time finding the necessary items to create your spa pedicure at home, we recommend our home pedicure kit. It includes all the items you will need except the nail polish and base coat.