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Welcome to our blog, where you will find skin care tips and information based on our 35 years of experience as day spa owners.
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The Top 5 Causes Of Wrinkles & How To Eliminate Them
Jan Jordan, multi-location day spa owner and skin care specialist for over 20 years, shares the Top 5 Causes of Wrinkles, and Reveals 5 Easy Solutions for fighting them.
The #1 Cause Of Dark Spots & How To Effectively Fight Them
Discover the leading cause of dark spots along with some other culprits and how to effectively treat them. 
The 12 Best & Worst U.S. Cities For Your Skin
After  our team spent weeks of careful research, the results are in. Find out if your city ranks as one of the best or worst areas for your skin.
The 7 Best Foods For Your Skin
You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat". As far as your skin is concerned, there is much truth to that. Find out what 7 foods your skin is begging for.