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What Causes Wrinkles And How To Outsmart Them

A younger acquaintance of mine was complaining not too long ago about some unwanted aging signs that were beginning to appear – sun spots on her cheeks, pimple scars, uneven skin tone and her biggest complaint? Wrinkles.
She is barely over the age of 30 and takes pretty good care of her skin -She honestly […]

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What is shea butter and what are its benefits?

Shea butter has been in use as a beauty product for thousands of years. Its popularity has skyrocketed largely due to its versatility.
Shea butter has the most diverse variety of uses and if I had to have just one beauty product in my possession, would no doubt be my first choice.
What is shea […]

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How To Create The Perfect At Home Pedicure

Spas and salons have capitalized on our desire to have beautiful, soft feet. But with prices for a pedicure typically ranging from $25-$60, it can get quite expensive to keep up that appearance, especially with the weekly maintenance required.

Of course, part of the experience is having someone else pamper you, but if you’re mainly […]

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What Is Retinol And What Does It Do?

So you’ve probably heard the buzz about retinol being one of the top skin care products for anti-aging. If not, I’m quite surprised. Everyone from dermatologists to Dr. Oz to Oprah have sung its praises.
But if you’re anything like me, you would like to know how it works before you rush out and […]

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