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The 7 Best Foods For Your Skin
You've heard the saying "You Are What You Eat". Find out which 7 foods your skin is begging for.
  • The skin, being the largest organ in the body is greatly affected by what we eat. 
  • It’s about time we gave our skin some real food to work with so here’s the 7 Best Foods for Your Skin:
  • 1. Low Fat Yogurt - Superb Skin Ingredient: Vitamin A and Protein
  • Vitamin A is an essential ingredient of a healthy complexion. It boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen which is the key to smooth and supple skin. 
  • Yogurt is packed with live microorganisms that aid in digestion – anything that helps you get rid of toxins faster is good for the skin.

2. Berries - Superb Skin Ingredient: Vitamin A and Protein -  Environmental conditions like pollution can damage our skin and it does so with the help of free radicals. Free radicals damage skin cells which causes premature aging. Eating foods that are rich in anti-oxidants is our best defense against free radical damage. Most berries contain flavenoids, which are also highly beneficial to the skin. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are among the best.

3. Green Tea - Superb Skin Ingredient: Polyphenol And Antioxidants - In 2011, a study published in the Journal Of Nutrition showed that drinking green tea regularly is highly beneficial for your skin. After 12 weeks, participants had noticeably firmer skin and less sun damage. Green tea is rich in polyphenol which is believed to be responsible for such great results.
4. Dark Chocolate - Superb Skin Ingredient: Flavanols - Dark chocolate is packed with flavanols which are known to aid in skin hydration and improve blood circulation. Experts say stick to a healthy one ounce portion per day to avoid excess weight gain. 
5. Water -  So it's not technically a food but is worth mentioning since it is absolutely critical for your skin. When you become dehydrated, your skin loses plumpness and elasticity, leading to signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, not to mention dullness and dryness. Drink 8-10 glasses of filtered water every day and your skin will thank you for it
6. Nuts Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids-  Omega 3 fatty acids aid in the development of resilient cell membranes. Strong skin cell membranes can hold essential moisture longer and can better fight off oxidants that can wreak havoc on our skin. Walnuts, pumpkin, flax and chia seeds are very rich in Omega 3.
7. Foods Rich In Selenium-  Selenium is a beneficial mineral that experts believe plays a vital role in keeping your skin in tip top shape. Selenium protects the skin from oxidative damage and helps to prevent the long term effects of sun exposure. Whole wheat breads, tuna fish and Brazilian nuts are all high in selenium content. Ok, so we gave you 3 foods here but wanted to provide options for gluten free and vegan diets.