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Top 5 Causes Of Wrinkles & How To Eliminate Them - By Day Spa Owner & Skin Care Expert Jan Jordan
Jan Jordan, multi-location day spa owner and skin care specialist for over 20 years, shares the Top 5 Causes of Wrinkles, and Reveals 5 Easy Solutions (along with her no nonsense secret weapon).
  • 1. Enemy Number One: Unprotected Sun Exposure. The sun causes wrinkles. To be exact, UV rays do the damage.  
  • You’ve heard it before, you need sunscreen; so start wearing it. (Hint: In your car all day? Tinted windows may be your skin’s new best friend!)
  • 2. Poor Nutrition. A bad diet can cause and worsen wrinkles by creating a nutrient deficiency.  Look at it this way: The right foods supply vitamins A, C & E, which are crucial for your skin. 
  • Be sure to include fruits, veggies, nuts and foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Berries high in flavenoids like blueberries and blackberries are also a great choice.
3. Dehydration is next on the list. Without adequate water wrinkles appear more readily and more dramatically.  Imagine a balloon filled with water; now, take the water out - from full and firm to saggy and loose. Not good.  Hydration is paramount to combating wrinkles and allowing for overall healthy and vibrant looking skin.
4. Sleep Deprivation. Sleep deprivation results in lost elasticity which increases the appearance of wrinkles. There’s no doubt about it, you need your beauty sleep and you need it regularly. Your body recovers during sleep, and that is directly related to your skin.
5. Reduced collagen production and cell turnover from age. Unfortunately we can’t fix this one naturally. We need some help in the form of retinol. A retinol product that is at least a 2% strength or higher is ideal. Most are 1% and many are even as low as 0.5%. The studies are conclusive and there is no question that retinol is a wrinkle-fighting life saver. 
“The interesting thing,” says Jan Jordan, “is that most solutions are already known; yet, they are rarely integrated into an individual’s day to day routine.  If you are going to truly combat wrinkles and come away with vibrant, youthful looking skin, you should employ all five elements.”

Jordan is no stranger to the prevention and treatment of wrinkles, having been a multi-location day spa owner along with her husband Chris Jordan, and a skin care specialist for over 20 years. Jan and her team have performed anti-aging and corrective skin care treatments on over 100,000 clients and their spas have been featured on local and national television shows and trade publications including Day Spa Magazine.
  • “I’m often asked which product I would choose if I could only put one in my skin care regimen. My answer would undoubtedly be a high quality retinol cream. My clients and I have seen more results from retinol than any other product, hands down.”
  • “It’s my secret weapon, really.” says Jan.  Scientific evidence has proven that retinol works on a molecular level to improve skin texture and reduce dark spots by speeding up skin cell turnover that slows down as we age. It also reduces blackheads and minimize pores.
  • But the most powerful effects of retinol is on collagen, the building blocks of the skin. It helps to decrease the amount of collagen breakdown from sun exposure and aging, by preventing the rise of an enzyme called collagenase. 
  • Retinol also stimulates the production of new collagen, which is essential for tight, luminous and youthful looking skin while minimizing and in many cases, eliminating wrinkles.

“The truth is, navigating through the vast assortment of skin care products can be a slippery slope,” points out Jordan. “There are a lot of overpriced products, but what we are seeing more often are many companies providing lower cost retinol products with inferior ingredients and improper production techniques.

Inspired by a lack of effective and affordable skin care products available to her clients, and based on her experience of knowing what actually works, Jan and her husband decided to develop their own line of skin care products in 2013.

We have worked hard to produce and offer a retinol product that produces results, yet is also affordable. It is formulated for the skin in the most natural and effective way with 97% natural and 71% organic ingredients.

We made sure we provided the highest quality with a retinol strength of 2.5%, which is 2 ½ times the standard 1% strength typically offered, and is the strongest percentage available without a prescription. 

In addition, we nearly doubled the size at 1.7 ounces, versus the standard 1 ounce size, providing more value to our clients.”

Jan points out, “Not only are we solving the affordability issue, we are one of the few, if not ONLY, skin care companies that offers a 100%, money back results guarantee

In fact, in my 20 years of experience, I never found a skin care company that came close to an offer like this.”

Clearly, Jan Jordan has paid her dues in the skin care industry.

She began her journey as a skin care therapist, working in that capacity for 3 years before opening her own day spa in 1998.

After only a few short years, she and her husband expanded to multiple spa locations.

"We've been performing anti-aging treatments for over 20 years on more than 100,000 clients.

We know what works and are now giving back by sharing our knowledge and experience through our skin care products."

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